Application Requirements

Please select from the drop-down menu the address you want to apply for

Application Fee   One application is required per occupant 18 or older. Applications are non-refundable.

* Zillow Applications not honored.


    • Background: Eviction & Criminal* of Public Record.
    • Credit check on any occupants above the age of majority.
    • State-issued photo identification.
    • Income source examples: most recent pay stubs, tax return, offer letter in the case of a new job, Social Security award letter.


    • Ask for our Alternative Deposit option, otherwise, refer to the listing for the deposit amount.
    • A deposit will hold a dwelling for up to 30 days.
    • Deposits are not necessarily transferable to other dwellings in our inventory.

Move-in options    

    • We allow 72 hours for the application & lease signing process.
    • We schedule move-ins Thursdays or Fridays.
    • Optional Expedited Processing: If you’re moving process is more rushed, we offer an expedited service for an additional one-time charge of $95.00. This fee is designed to compensate for rearranging our processes to accommodate for a quick move-in (< 72 hours). We never want to rush, but if it will help you then we need to be able to make sure we have the resources to not miss any steps. In order to qualify for our expedited service, we must have received cleared funds for the security deposit.

Other fees & Information

    • Leasing fee:$100.00 (Flat one-time fee).
    • Building and facilities fee: $15.00/month.
    • Pet fee: Monthly fee varies per pet, according to the “paw” score from the pet screening: *Additional one-time upfront fees may apply.
    • Our leases are for 12 months unless otherwise advertised or negotiated.
    • Wistar Group Properties are smoke-free.

*Wistar Group does comply with recent disparate impact rulings by Fair Housing. Really we just want tenants who pay rent on time, treat their home well, don’t pose a risk to anybody, and are generally pleasant to work with.

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