Wistar Group cares about the environment that is why we drive the little Sparks.


To Wow Every Day.

Core Values

A Mission Driven Company

To offer tenants quality housing and an excellent customer experience, to be a part of our investor’s financial legacy, play a role in enhancing the lives of our employees, do our part in supporting the well-being of every neighborhood we serve and to always be fiscally viable so that we can continue to be a positive influence to everyone we come in contact with.

Property Management

Property Management


Our trained maintenance staff works to complete their tasks according to your budget and keeping your best interest in mind.

Current Fuel Surcharge = $2.00 / service order

Licensed and Insured
Wistar Group is a real estate broker licensed in Nebraska and Iowa and audited by the each state’s Real Estate Commissions.  Our experienced staff can professionally handle OSHA, lead safety laws, Fair Housing, and evictions.  Additionally we hold a general contractor and mechanical contractor’s license.
The Nebraska broker’s license is held by Michael J Aspen and the Iowa’s broker license is held by Emerson A Bostrom.  Both licenses operate under the firm name Wistar Group fka Certified Property Management.

Call Doug Mertes @ (402) 578-0003 at Ext. 105 for a FREE consultation about how your property would perform under our management.

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