Legacy Flats, Cheers!

Admit it, you’d love to walk into bar where everyone knows your name. You wear the bar like fitted pajamas, it’s where you’re comfortable, it’s where you’re the “Norm.”

And that’s what people are looking for more and more. The suburbia lifestyle of the last 20-30 years is becoming less and less attractive (or maybe less affordable) especially for the younger and hipper amongst us. It is too sterile, too cookie-cutter for the life that they’re looking for. Having a place to live where the neighbors aren’t just the people in your building but also the people right outside your front door, the shopkeepers, your bartender, servers, Barney the cop and local barber is, more than anything…FUN.

A modern mixed use property like Legacy Flats offers a lot of benefits (below) but what is probably most alluring is that you have people from all different walks of life in close proximity.¬†Everyone brings something to the community and each of the 100’s of daily social contacts bring a certain zeal and unpredictability to the day. And all this wrapped up in West Omaha.

The Legacy Flats apartments are featured in an article about how apartment living is becoming more en vogue than in years past. Apartment living is more preferred these days for probably many reasons, but among them are:

These apartments are at the front end of a different kind of lifestyle, a lifestyle of convenience and smart living.¬†If you can walk to work and to all of your hangouts why wouldn’t you? Well odds are, in the coming years this is the type of lifestyle we’ll be seeing here in Omaha. And it’s exciting, it’s a change we’ll happily embrace as Omaha becomes a bigger city.


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