The Customer Service Experience

Everybody loves to get a kudos from the people they work with and for; so it’s especially nice to have a reputable organization recognize our employee’s efforts. The Better Business Bureau has placed us on their Honor Roll for Customer Service and it couldn’t have come at a better time because we’ve been reorganizing to enhance our customer’s experience.

accred_bus_7469-under-50k-2About two month’s ago Gwenn Aspen came on board and is converting our already very capable Customer Service (we call it Customer Solutions actually) department into a customer service-centric company. Everything we do is being changed so that the customer experience is as good or even better than our services…we’re talking top-notch.

Precision in execution is how we are infusing our company with a quality service and we’re bringing it to bear on the customer’s experience. It is invigorating and re-energizing to have this new focus and it’s fantastic that the BBB has recognized our earlier efforts just as we start down this new path of making things even better.


“Our objective is to offer tenants a quality product & excellent customer service, to be the best option for property owners in attaining their real estate financial goals, play a role in enhancing the lives of our employees, do our part in supporting the well-being of every neighborhood we serve and to earn a profit so that we can continue to be a positive influence to everyone we come in contact with.”

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