2017 brings new laws for the industry. Bad news? No, not really.

New laws come and rarely ever go, like for instance the whaling law in Nebraska? I have my doubts about that, but regardless the point is that laws are something we have to be prepared for in this industry whether you are a “mom-n-pop” landlord or a professional property manager…it’s important and consequential.wowtdetectorstory

This year brings with it one law that will effect all of us here in Nebraska. It’s something I’d reported back in October 2015 (Carbon Monoxide Law, Good, Bad & the Ugly). Then WOWT Channel 6 did this story, which lays it out very nicely.


This is not a rocket scientist law though. Regardless of whether or not there is a law that tells you you need to have functional CO detectors installed, it’s still always been best practice to do so. Now, however, we have the benefit of a statute that helps define the roles and liabilities, which did not exist before. That’s actually a very good thing and a great example of a law that will end up having added value to our community. And you know why?, because State Senator Sara Howard worked with Omaha Healthy Kids Alliance and me (representing the industry) and crafted the bill in an almost elegant manner…with actual input and having truly considered the concerns presented. We all had a goal of making housing safer and ends up we got there. Pretty cool…and I’m not one to toute the successes of government all that often 😉

So, install carbon monoxide detectors…that’s it.

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