Things our clients and tenants are saying.

"Josh [Andrews] did a good job, very personable, friendly and could see what needed to be done. Glad to see good results."

— Neva Burroughs | Tenant

"Thank you Josh [Andrews]! What a pro! Josh def. knows his stuff. He's a keeper! Thank you CPM!"

— Deb Bottorff | Tenant

"I just wanted to pass on what a great job Joshua Reinhart does. He has helped us keep our running in tip-top shape. We are so glad to have his help and expertise."

— Signe Hordvik | Corporate Tenant

"Overall CPM has been outstanding in helping our move remain simple and easy. Everyone we have dealt with has been kind and knowledgeable. Thank You!

Josh Andrews was extremely friendly, we really appreciate how we've been treated!


— Cole Sanner | Tenant

"I find Wilfred is not only friendly, helpful, respectful, thorough, but timely. He is a true pleasure to work with!"

— Sonia Handy | Tenant

"[Josh Andrews] Great, fast work, very friendly."

— Alexander Wallick | Tenant

"Josh [Andrews] was great - but - everyone we have had from your firm is wonderful. "

— John and Ida | Tenants

"We are lucky to have Wilfred on our side- gets everything done."

— Monica DeWulf | Tenant

"John [Kudlacz] was the most dependable person. Super polite- very detail oriented. The work he did was very professional. Highly recommend him."

— Tami Miller | Tenant

"Wilfred the tech is an exceptional individual. He is friendly, always expresses concern for our needs. My kids love him. "

— Sharee Christian | Tenant

"I don't usually give kudos as I'm pretty busy. That being said, I want to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed Wilfred who came to repair the switch for the garbage disposal. It's easy to see that he really enjoys what he does. Not only was he nice and personable, but he was very clean. There were not any messes left behind from his repair.

Thanks again for sending Wilfred. I hope to not have any issues in the future, but if I do, I would like Wilfred to be the one to repair them if possible.


— Bryan Schieffer | Tenant

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that CPM technician Wilfred did a fantastic job for us when he came over and installed a ceiling fan at our CPM rental. He was very pleasant, great to talk with and did an amazing job. He took lots of care to make sure it was done right and he made several trips up and down the stairs making sure not to damage the walls or our belongings. He cleaned up his work area and the fan works beautiful. I would recommend CPM tech Wilfred for any project at any of your rentals.

Much appreciated!!"

— John Skolaski | Tenant

"I wanted to reach out and let you know that Tom Sawtelle did a fantastic job for us when he came over and repaired our air conditioner at our CPM rental. He was very quick to respond to our call and was willing to take his time and diagnose the problem which turned out to be a bad motor. While he waited for the unit to test run for a while, he asked if there was anything else that needed checking into. We talked about the outdoor outlets which he fixed for me as he waited. The fact that he ALWAYS goes above and beyond and never seems like he is in too much of a hurry to get out of there without doing quality work is very much appreciated.

Thanks Tom!!"

— John Skolaski | tenant

"I would like to take a minute to let you know that your maintenance team that came to my apartment yesterday did a fantastic job. They were friendly and efficient and extremely courteous. In particular Mr. Joshua Rinehart was a pleasure to meet and I appreciate how respectful he and his co-worker were while they were here. Keep up the good work!! "

— Richard Kerns | Tenant

"[Wilfred is] Professional, courteous, efficient. Always on time!"

— Anthony Savala | Tenant

"I’d like to share that my experience with your worker, Josh, was extremely amazing. He went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied with the work that was performed in the bathroom, going so far as to pick out linoleum that he thought I personally would be pleased with and would match my décor. He stayed in constant communication with me and worked diligently, and didn’t leave until he knew that his work was to my satisfaction. The work he completed looks amazing and I love how not only how it looks, but that it’s repaired. If I could give him more than 5 stars, I would. "

— Amber Golightly | Tenant

"I just wanted to give some kudos to Wilfred and John on the work they did on my balcony today! The roof overhang and the siding had to be redone and repainted and a screen door was installed and it looks great! They came in the morning before I was home from work (I work overnights) and they were great with greeting and making my little doggy feel comfortable too. They worked on it all day while I slept, and there was no problems. I'm very happy with the quality work they did!

Thank you"

— Shelby Lange | Tenant

"John Graham is very good. Thank you. He is very good. Bring him back."

— Rona Pierre | Tenant

"I just want say how amazing Wilfred the tech guy is. He just fix everything on the list and some. I appreciate people like him to come in to the house and address the little details. He gave me trust since the first day we met him. My family is very pleased to have such great people to always care and be on top of any issues we have. Kudos to Wilfred for being the best of the best! And thank you CPM for your great service."

— Maria Torres | Tenant

"John Graham was very courteous, professional and helpful! "

— Anthony Savala | Tenant

"Wilfred was very courteous on the two occasions he fixed my maintenance issues."

— Shannon Coppoca | Tenant

""[Wilfred Cobb] Awesome timing, personality and over all professional. Worked quickly. Even fixed other things that needed attention.""

— Delicia Kelly | Tenant

"Derek was very knowledgeable and helpful when performing my maintenance needs. He answered all my question in an understand manner."

— Shannon Coppoca | Resident

"I am happy to have such a wonderful property management team that stays on top of any problems with our rental. No other places we have rented from have been as good and wonderful as CPM. Wilfred the maintenance guy is such a joy to talk to and he really takes care of the problem best he can. He has been awesome! Thank you again for being such a wonderful management team!"

— Tonneca Thomas | Tenant

"Wilfred was an absolute delight. He was prompt, courteous, and got all of my issues taken care of quickly. In fact, he went above and beyond what I asked for. You've got a fantastic employee in Wilfred."

— Roman Windrum | Tenant

"This is my second time receiving work (fixing problems) around my house. Wilfred does a excellent job, letting me know when he is coming and what he plans on fixing. He tells me what the problem was and how he is going to fix it. Not only does he fix the problem super fast, and correctly, but he calls back a few days later to see how everything is going.

Excellent service CPM."

— Candyce Hill | Tenant

"I've worked with CPM for almost an entire decade in several roles.

As a client there was never a doubt at all about their integrity or the machinations of their operation. Just a great group of people looking out for my properties.

As a sales agent many of my clients have used their services and I have to say they have treated my clients great. Definitely recommend them every chance I get."

— Fred Tichauer | Associate Broker - Berkshire Hathaway Home Services

"Thank you, Carlos. We really appreciate CPM's excellent communication with us. You are a part of that."

— Pete H | Investor

"...Derek is awesome and always very nice!"

— Tenant

"Looks great - thanks for sending my way. You guys are on your game. I wish I wouldn't have wasted the couple months with ... Lesson learned. I'll be telling anyone I can about you and trying to pimp your services..."

— Nathan S. | Investor

"AWESOME! So friendly.. got the job done right.. this was the 3rd time others gave been here to fix the bathroom closet door. makes a huge difference in the new door and how he done it all!! You need more employees like him.. I do know the next time something needs fixed.. ill ask for Wilfred.. again THANK YOU Wilfred!!"

— Angie K. | Tenant review of CPM maintenance

"Brittney has been doing a great job in taking over the Application Processing roll that was recently vacated by Christina's promotion.

Thanks for all your efforts Brittney.


— Brittney | Processing Applications

"Thank you so much for your awesome customer service and very prompt response to our needs. I have been in this process of looking for leasing properties over the last year and you have been by far the most interactive and efficient agent I have been associated with. I am hopefully for this property but however the turn out I want you to know I will be happy to work you on any future property endeavors.
As a previous homeowner and not really accustom to this leasing scene, I appreciated all the help and participation by CPM and yourself." - Rg: Showing at 8218 S 68 Ct"

From a tenant: Thank you kindly for the urgent response and resolution to my issue. The CPM Tech that came out did an excellent job! He really knew what he was doing and fixed the toilet properly.""

From a tenant: "Thank you. They fixed my door yesterday and did a wonderful job..thank you again. Also did my bathroom ceiling, very kind.""

From a tenant: "Hello.. I'm very happy with the tub surround. Once again they did an awesome job. Everyone I've ever dealt with is always so pleasant. Thank you!""

From a property investor: "Awesome. Thanks so much for everything. Property worked out great for me and if I ever find another property in Omaha, I will let you guys know.""

"I just wanted to pass on a big thank you and pat on the back to your now removal crew. I live at . I didn't need to go anywhere tonight, but went out to my car to make sure I'd be able to leave for work in the morning. As I went out, the plow pulled into our lot, so I sat in my car and waited until they finished. When I started shoveling away the snow the plow left behind, they came over to help me dig my car out, and then had me make sure I could pull out before they went away. I very much appreciate it. It ill save me some time and sanity in the morning! Thank you!"

"Thank you for being there when my grandson needed an apartment. It was greatly appreciated. I think you run a very good management company and nice to work with."
Nancy K"